Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thirsty Thursday-Dark n Stormy!

Been a minute but I'm back! Moving into my house in Martha's Vineyard has been an exciting/overwhelming/somewhat annoying process but I'm finally settled. Our house is adorable (if teensy) and while I fear I may fall through the stairs at least 86 times this summer, at least it is a five minute walk to the ocean. Speaking of which, I discovered a lovely private beach nearby (pictured below) which I promptly hopped the fence and enjoyed. Sincere cheers to June, before it gets so crazy busy that I'll probably be tazed if I try that again in a few weeks.

 The weather the past couple days has been pretty blah, with rain and storms. I attempted to give myself a serene island morning today with an iced coffee and a book in the park, but had to abandon my plan after the rain began. So it goes. Anywho, looking forward to making the best of tonight with these bad boys in honor of the shitty weather. I'm not the biggest fan of rum (the phrase "sickly sweet" has taken on a very real meaning on certain occasions in summers past) but something about it, combined with some spicy ginger and a refreshing lime wedge, feels right on a cold rainy summer night when you're just hanging out with friends. Happy Thirsty Thursday everyone!

Dark 'n' Stormy

recipe yield: 1 drink

-2 oz. dark rum (Gosling's Black Seal is a good bet for an authentic Bermuda taste)
-3 oz. ginger beer 
-wedge of lime

Fill a glass with ice and combine the rum and ginger beer, then add lime for garnish. Put on some good music/a movie (I'm thinking maybe something spooky for tonight...any suggestions?) and enjoy!

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