Friday, September 13, 2013

Fit Friday: FUN

Happpppy Friday!! I have the great fortune to be done with classes by 11:15 on Friday, which is amazing in many ways because I can do whatever I want all day without feeling pressure to be productive. However, as I have mentioned in earlier posts, I am 99.9999% sure I have an undiagnosed case of ADD, and this limits by Friday chyll time considerably. I cannot sit and watch TV for longer than an hour, aimlessly wandering through Target eats up only about 35 minutes, and cleaning my room is a generally disastrous task that results in half of the room being OCD level clean while the other half bores me and remains messy. SO, I am left with a few other options. One of them is working out. While there's something that feels inherently wrong about working out on a Friday, I do feel obligated to get in a workout of some kind before the weekend commences. Enter, yoga.
As someone who spent most of my 13-18th years swimming competitively, I find any form of exercise that does not involve a coach barking at orders at me to be very difficult. I was so conditioned over the years to mindlessly exercise that once I retired from swimming, I felt lost in terms of what to do. I would run a mile and then become bored and stop, or try and swim laps and end up lazily doing handstands in the shallow end. The only time I felt really engaged in my workouts was when I would attend a spinning/yoga/pilates class and drift back in to the serenity of having someone tell me exactly how to exercise. However, this was not exactly a great lifelong plan. I needed to find a way to self motivate myself and find workouts that I loved. 
I tried a few different things: kayaking, paddle boarding, running, Zumba (HUGE mistake...most awkward hour of my life.) hiking, skiing, tennis, yoga. And while they were all fun in their own right (if you've never tried paddleboarding DO IT while it's still summer) I have found yoga to be the most intensely relaxing, soothing thing ever for days like Friday when you want to move your body but you also kinda don't. It settles your mind and body in a really amazing way and makes you feel super flexible. So go do some yoga! And then have a fantastic weekend.

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