Sunday, September 15, 2013


Sundays in college are lazy, hungover, generally low key days that I always try and make productive but almost never succeed in doing so. This used to stress me out during my freshman year because I always felt like there was something I needed to be doing, but could never quite crawl out of bed for. Somehow homework always went unfinished, gym sneakers making puppy eyes at me from the closet, and I almost never remembered to call my grandma. However, as college has progressed, I have come to embrace Sundays for what they are, and I now realize I have precious few left before The Real World commences next year (AHHHHHHH) so here are a few of my favorite Sunday things!
1. My friend's new puppy. We have the great fortune of hosting this little lady for a week before she gets picked up by her rightful owner, my friend's older sister. She is a cavapoo and there are few things more enjoyable on a lazy Sunday than lying in the grass watching this chick roll around and learn to use her back legs.

2. Fun expensive hangover cure drinks. This was my newest foray into one of my favorite Sunday activities, finding new and fun ways to cure my hangovers. Coconut water still tastes like the stuff at the bottom of the dishwasher for me. I liked this, but I definitely will continue to can't spend $6 on it.
3. Explorations. Since lying down is probably my #1 Sunday activity, I was absolutely thrilled to be able to do that in this setting all summer while living on Martha's Vineyard. I would literally wake up, lie in bed for an hour, grumble about how much effort it took to put on my bathing suit, walk five minutes to the beach, and lie on my towel for hours. Soooo nice.
4. BRUNCH. This is absolutely vital duh everyone knows there is nothing better than Sunday brunch. I love this lox and bagel combo and capers make a great accessory. My friends and I have been known to spend hooouuuuurs at brunch and never ever regret it.

What are your Sunday habits?? Please do not even tell me if it includes working, homework, chores, etc. JK! not really.

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